“Winter is coming.” Given the season that is inbound, and that soon us New Englanders will be forced to stay inside through the bitter cold, I figured I would share some of the best geek night adventures to enjoy on a budget and indoors.

  • Game Night: Game nights are the best. My friends and I try to plan these at least monthly so that we can enjoy a few games together.  Personal favorites of ours include Cards Against Humanity, You Don’t Know Jack, and Munchkin. Game night is a great way to improve your mind through strategy.  You can play in teams or just break off into larger groups.8fa12dfa-4dff-4602-bc4d-a803429076b2
  • If geeks like one thing, it’s ale and beer.  So find a brewery or house of brews to enjoy! Most local breweries won’t charge more than $3-$6 per flight, and many breweries will let you come in, sit down, get a flight and some cheese and crackers, and play a few games of cards. Warm up with cold brews.
  • Feed your friends: Don’t have a lot of money to go out? Have everyone bring some food to your events, appropriately geek-themed of course. We traditionally take turns slow cooking pulled pork. If your friends are like mine, they’ll probably attempt some Epic Meal Time-like food, or at least always make sure that bacon is involved. Bacon is absolutely a geek food.
  • Arts and Crafts: Some of us really love to work on painting Warhammer 40k figures or coloring in adult coloring books (especially the swear-ridden ones). Have your friends over and ask them to bring their current creative project. In November, I will be doing plenty of work on National Novel Writing Month while my boyfriend will probably be working on painting his fleet of Star Destroyers.
  • Don’t forget you can still go outside. Once it snows we tend to go out and play. Last winter we did a big hike at the Blue Hills Reservation with our friends that sort of felt like going over the Wall in Game of Thrones. When there’s blizzard it can be a great time to get out, go sledding, or have a snow ball fight.  Challenge each other to a snowman competition, with the teams having to guess the character being represented.  Bonus points for snow-puns.hpsnowman
  • Movie nights are a must. What type of winter would it be without the movies? You can either go to the cinema during a matinee, or host a movie night at home! This is a great time for that potluck of food (with bacon) and beer. It is also a great type of event to preface with board games.
  • Laser Tag: Most laser tag arenas only charge about $5-$5 per game, and they usually have deals for multiple games. They’re also often small businesses, so if you’re into supporting local small businesses you should strap on some camo and play some IRL Halo.  This is something you and your friends could do to get exercise in without getting cold! Trust me; it gets hot in the arena.975613baf3fcea58cc3f8d8a6eba0259
  • Visit a Museum: Most coupon sites and local libraries have discounts for you to visit Museums in your area. You could check out a science museum, natural history museum, or any others that your group enjoys.

There is so much to be done in a season where people so often complain about the weather and boredom. And if you really cannot find something, binge watch Game of Thrones or Stranger Things. Both are excellent series that are bound to keep you busy. Geeks are notorious for always having exciting things to do but never having enough time to do them. So if you’re bored you should remember those things you’ve been wanting to do.

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