About Us

Geeks New England is a blog site for discussion on anything geeky or nerdy.  It is also the home of the show Legends from Aeramis, a 5e Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast.

Jeff “Hageshii01” Venancio

1498787_10202910186461898_2140507708_oIf you’re wondering how that username is pronounced, it’s like “hag-eh-she”.  Or “hog-eh-she.”  Whatever makes you happiest.

At the time of this writing I have completed 26 revolutions around our sun.  I’m originally a native of Western Massachusetts but recently moved to the Greater Boston Area where I currently live with my girlfriend.  I graduated from Bridgewater State University with a degree in environmental biology and currently work in a laboratory for a large medical company.

I’ll be writing about whatever makes the geek-center of my brain light up in joy.  Video games, movies, anime, role-playing games; if I want to talk about it you’ll find it here.  And I like to talk about stuff.

My Twitter handle is @Hageshii01.  When I remember it exists I’ll post stuff on it.  Sometimes it’s funny.  Sometimes it’s news about stuff I care about.  Sometimes it’s updates about Legends from Aeramis.  And sometimes I’m bored.  Either way, you’re probably reading it because you are also bored.  So let’s be bored together and just shoot the shit.

Jenn “Evathon Dala” Kilgallon10390207_10152679005811643_5119300076008881552_n

Greetings Earthling! I am Jeff’s partner in life and in crime, and I am hear to bring you all of the laughter and belches. I am on the Legends From Aeramis podcast, playing Evathon Dala, who is a druid elf wild child, and honestly my spirit animal. But I am also here to write some stuff too and to share things with you that I am excited about!
I live in the Boston area with Jeff and our two roommates James (Camden, from Legends from Aeramis) and Victoria (Talia, from Legends From Aeramis), and their cat, Binx. I graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelors of Art in English, and a minor in Zombies. I am a full time administrative assistant for a family owned business, and a part-time theatre technician and carpenter for the local theatre networks in the Boston area.

I like lots of stuff from writing, carpentry, reading, and kayaking to fighting zombies, playing videogames, reading comic books, Dungeons and Dragons (obviously), playing board games, and laser tag. I am a person of many hobbies, and I love trying new things. I also eat a ton of sushi and drink a ton of tea. I am so excited to share with you some things I learn about and fun adventures that I get to embark on. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

You can follow me on Twitter at @Jenn_Kilgallon. I like to share all the fun adventures I am on, send out links to cool topics and information, and take a deeper look into the fun, good things in life. I like to think I sometimes bring new perspective to the table. Let’s chat about all that life has to offer and the great parts of the geek-world.

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