The Arcane Athenæum is a website for 5e Dungeons and Dragons content, from homebrew classes and rulesets to videos discussion running and playing the game.

Jeff “Hageshii01” Venancio

If you’re wondering how that username is pronounced, it’s like “hag-eh-she”.  Or “hog-eh-she.”  Whatever makes you happiest.

Currently 30, I am originally a native of Western Massachusetts but moved to the Greater Boston Area after graduating in 2013.  My degree from Bridgewater State University is in environmental biology, yet for my day job I currently work as a laboratory manager for a large medical engineering company.

Besides DnD content, I may be writing about whatever makes the geek-center of my brain light up in joy.  Video games, movies, anime, role-playing games; if I want to talk about it you’ll find it here.  And I like to talk about stuff.

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