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Paladin: Oath of Freedom

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

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Warlock: Great Wyrm Patron

Take care when meddling in the affairs of dragons, for they are subtle and quick to anger (and you taste good with ketchup).

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The Savage and the Striker: Dual Wielding subclasses

“If one sword has a power of 100, then using two swords would make it 200, right?”

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The Sorcerer, Revised

Something something “sorcerer supreme” something something.

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Sorcerer: Frozen Heart and Phoenix Sorcery

Put on your war paint, and let it go!

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New Druidic Circles

Now you too can be the Avatar, a slime girl, the Lorax, BEEEEEEEEEES, and a someone who likes sleeping in graveyards.

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The Draconomicon for 5e

So many flavors to choose from.