Play just about any game involving killing large animals and at some point you’ll be given the option to “open the animal’s inventory” and grab items from it.  From World of Warcraft to Skyrim to the Monster Hunter series, animals provide scales, bones, claws, teeth, and other large body parts which can then be sold for cash or used as ingredients in items.

Who hasn’t slain some great beast during a session and wanted to take a piece of it with them?  Quests to gather materials from deadly monsters are common hooks for adventuring parties, and even some of the character options in the book hint at a lucrative business working as a hunter or trapper before turning to adventuring.  Unfortunately, Dungeons and Dragons has been severely lacking in this sort of system, despite the obvious benefit of one.  Most DMs hand-wave the process or make up something on the fly.  This works, but why not try something more grounded?

This one-page guide aims to provide a set of (hopefully simple) rules for harvesting monster parts, whether you just want to sell a few deer pelts to make some quick gold or need a special organ from a powerful monster for use in a magic item.  It is in its early stages, so any suggestions and critiques would be greatly appreciated.  Enjoy!



Google Drive


Version 0.1 11May2018


  • Freshly harvested.

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