I’ve wanted to make a bunch of sorcerer subclasses that each deals with a different classical element. WotC has been playing with doing so themselves through various UA, and I’d consider the Storm Sorcery sorcerer to be an air-based sorcerer. And yeah there’s the Draconic Bloodline which can play with a lot of different elements, but that’s just not the same thing as far as I’m concerned. No, I want to see a dedicated water sorcerer, fire sorcerer, and earth sorcerer.

Well, for now I have fire and ice…. which is sorta like water!

The Frozen Heart Sorcerous Origin is inspired, perhaps obviously, by Elsa from Frozen. You gain power over ice and snow, which gives you various abilities which make it easy for you to survive in the cold, and access to ice magic which you can use to partially freeze and debilitate your opponents. One thing of note; yes the Frozen Heart sorcerer gains subclass spells at 11th level; very odd, but I can’t justify not giving them access to freezing sphere and wall of ice; they are too iconic for a frost mage.

The Phoenix Sorcery Sorcerous Origin is based on the subclass of the same name from way back in the February 06, 2017 Unearthed Arcana. Like some past UA-based subclasses, the exact features are relatively similar, but the main complaint about this subclass at the time it was released dealt with how weak it was. I also don’t agree that phoenix sorcerers shouldn’t have resistance to fire damage; I understand the concept behind it, and I do think there’s an interesting flavor there, but in terms of a subclass for D&D I think that’s a poor decision.

These subclasses work with the existing sorcerer as it appears in the PHB, but they are also fully compatible with my Revised Sorcerer also available on DMsGuild. You can get a link to the post about it here.




Version 1.0 06May2021


  • Uploaded to DMsGuild

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