Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons has just been announced, and it seems a perfect place for WotC to introduce a draconic warlock patron. Unfortunately, based on their descriptions of FToD, we will not be seeing that subclass. Fortunately, I happen to have had a dragon warlock subclass that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.

Dragons are powerful magical beings, many with innate magic of their own, and the many breeds of dragon have all sorts of motivations and reasons to bestow some of that power on a mortal ally (or thrall, whatever the case may be). Great Wyrms, as we understand, are a new age category of dragon coming out in FToD, older even than an ancient dragon. Larger and certainly of mythical power, they are exactly the sort of entity you’d think could have a warlock or two serving under them. As you gain levels as a warlock of a Great Wyrm, you become able to boost your damage output, gain a supernatural understanding of gold and treasure, and the capability to resist harmful effects. Eventually, you learn to channel the form of your patron itself, surrounding yourself with its image and in the process attaining flight and boosting your physical capabilities. Think Naruto and his early 9-tailed fox forms when he’d be covered in red energy shaped like a fox.

You may notice a lack of breath weapon in the core of the class. I feel overall, warlock class features don’t tend to modify the physicality of the warlock itself, instead giving them abilities that reflect the nature of their patrons. However, invocations seem to offer more in the way of altering the warlock themselves, and so a number of warlock invocations have been included which grant the warlock more of the physical traits that dragons possess. With access to the spell dragon’s breath, your dragon warlock can have their very own breath weapon.

Feedback and critique always appreciated.




Version 1.0 16Jul2021


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