This isn’t the Ark that Noah Built

You know, I almost became a paleontologist.  Growing up I loved dinosaurs.  Jurassic Park was my favorite film.  I loved The Land Before Time movies.  We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story remains one of my guiltiest pleasures (and goddamn it the scene at the end with Screweyes was fantastically creepy and well done).  Disney’s Dinosaur is a personal […]

Halo: Fleet Battles Commander Bust Painting Competition Results

Extremely short post today, and mostly just me bragging.  A few weeks ago I entered the painting competition for Spartan Games’ Halo: Fleet Battles tabletop war game.  If you don’t know, Fleet Battles is similar to Star Wars: Armada or Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures; like in Warhammer 40K you build a battle force of miniatures and pit that force […]

Welcome to the ‘Verse: Star Citizen Should be Every Sci-Fi Fan’s Dream

I mentioned in a previous post that I was a huge space ship nerd. That’s completely true. When we’re talking about sci-fi one of the principal aspects I look at is the space ships; their design, their capabilities, and their size. And my favorite dreams place me as the captain of one of these vessels, […]