Hello!  The name’s Jeff, and as I’m sure you have figured out by now this is Critical Shit, a brand new blog I’ve started in order to discuss video games, role-playing games, movies, books, anime and manga, tabletop, conventions, cosplay, comics, and whatever else that I feel can appropriately be called geeky or nerdy.  I would say I have a very wide set of interests, and it is precisely those interests which I will be talking about here.  I’ll mostly be shooting the shit about whatever strikes my fancy, so if you share any interests with me you may find it entertaining.

You may be asking; why follow me of all people?  Well my girlfriend thinks I’m funny so I suppose that must count for something.  I try to bring a varied opinion to discussions, and I’m known for trying to look at the alternative point of view even if I don’t agree with it.  In my opinion that leads to the best kind of thought and understanding, resulting in more informed opinions and leaving the participants knowing more than they did before.  And that’s my goal here; not just to put my opinion out there, but to make people think.  You may walk away from my blog deciding that you don’t agree with my views.  That’s okay!  But if you took the time to think about what I said and still came to the conclusion that you still feel differently I believe I have done my job adequately.  Perhaps that is the teacher in me trying to break out.

I should talk about myself a bit.  As I said my name is Jeff.  I’m a 24-year old resident of Massachusetts.  I’ve managed to graduate college with an environmental biology degree which I wish to turn into a teaching position.  Maybe someday I can even work for a museum or be a professor at a college.  I’ve always wanted to be a doctor.  Not a medical doctor, but to have a Ph.D.  Slowly moving toward that, but for now I’m just a lowly lab technician.  I’m big into sci-fi and fantasy, in whatever medium that takes, as well as things like zombies and dinosaurs.  I almost became a paleontologist, but instead I focused on zoology.  Unlike most kids my age I didn’t grow up caring much about sports.  My childhood heroes were Jeff Corwin, Bill Nye, and the late Steve Irwin.  I watched cartoons of course, but supplemented them with a healthy dose of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.  I didn’t have many friends until high school and college, and I made more mistakes in life than I’d like to count (though I believe I have learned from them.  I have a beautiful girlfriend who somehow puts up with my insane randomness. My favorite color is a fiery orange-red (more on the red side than the orange side).  I like puppies and kitties but I’m allergic to them.   I absolutely hate buffalo chicken.  Tigers are the superior sub-group of Panthera.

Alright, enough about me.  I’m going to wrap this up and move forward.  Critical Shit starts now.  Please, future readers, feel free to comment and discuss anything that comes to your fancy so long as it is geeky or nerdy.  And so long as you are polite, of course.

Let’s shoot the shit.


  1. Hey Jeff. Cool to see you got this rolling. I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts. What are you playing these days? Anyone I know in your party?


    • Thanks, Joe! Unfortunately not as active in RPGs as I might like. The only group I’m in is with some people from college. I was in a Pokémon game with Tucker, but that unfortunately seems to have died a bit. I personally had difficulty getting out to Worcester for it, even once every month.


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