Aeramis is my homebrewed setting for DnD.  It originally began as a 4e world, as I started building it (and playing on it) back in 2012.  It’s since expanded into a 5e setting, but due to my love of some of the concepts from 4e (such as the pantheon) it doesn’t quite follow the 5e base setting as laid out in the Player’s Handbook.  Besides that, Aeramis has a specific history going back  at least million years, and there are racial concepts and civilizations that are of my own invention.

This page acts as a table of contents for this information, both as a resource for myself (because I don’t remember everything), my players, and our fans.  Click a link to be taken to the blog post about the subject and learn!



  • Ecology of Humans and Halflings (Coming Soon)
  • Ecology of the Elves
  • Ecology of Dwarves (Coming Soon)
  • Ecology of the Dragonborn (Coming Soon)
  • Ecology of Tieflings (Coming Soon)
  • Ecology of Gnomes (Coming Soon)


  • Blood Hunters
  • The Phoenix Guard (Coming Soon)
  • The Rangers of the Wild (Coming Soon)