Legends from Aeramis – Ep20 “One King to Another”

Now, with some idea of the threat that faces Aeramis, our party begins putting their plan into motion.  To this end they teleport once again, rendezvous with some familiar faces, and make some revelations on past experiences. Remember to donate to Dudes of the Bro Table, our Extra-Life group.  Your donation will go to helping sick […]

Legends from Aeramis – Ep16 “Talking Aeramis: The Shadow of Kringle”

Join me, Jeff, and our players as we discuss our unfortunately lost Christmas special. First we go over the events of the 16th session, “The Shadow of Kringle,” when our party was transported to a snowy landscape and asked to rescue a family from a solstice devil of ancient legend. Then we dive into our experiences after 1 year of playing Legends from Aeramis together. Please enjoy.