A Happy New Year, from us at Geeks New England to you.

It’s hard to imagine that exactly one year ago we recorded our first episode of Legends from Aeramis. I wasn’t sure how well we would be received, and truth be told we are still extremely small fry compared to just about any other DnD actual play out there, but I’m thankful for every single one of you who has listened to our shenanigans and my efforts at DMing so far.

We’ve had plenty of bumps and tribulations throughout our 2016 run, but I’m happy to see that we’re having fun with the game, and we keep finding new and better ways to get our content out to you. And as more and more session are played, things get smoother and smoother.

Our PCs have gone up three levels, from 3 to 6, over 15 released episodes (with the 16th still unfortunately hanging perpetually in limbo), and we gained a fifth PC as well. Yup; Andrew Fleming from Wicked Anime will be remaining with us permanently as a PC. We all enjoy the lightheartedness that he brings to the game, and fortunately for me five PCs hasn’t been too much of a change from four.

Funny enough, though we didn’t actually get 16 episodes released in time for the new year, we still played 16 sessions. We’ll be trying for more than 17 episodes in 2017. Initially, we intended on playing and releasing an episode once every two weeks, but quickly found that it was easier for everyone involved if we just released an episode when we could get together.  I hope you, our fans, continue to understand.

Legends from Aeramis, and this blog as a whole, has been an important part of my life since it started. Geeks New England was initially “Critical Shit” back in early 2015, the titled based on an in-joke between us from an earlier Star Wars tabletop game we played. I loved the name, but decided a more professional blog title was needed so that iTunes wouldn’t reject us a second time. If nothing else, at least GNE is still unique.  And it let me develop a more professional logo to boot.  That’s another reason why I dropped the subtitle “The Nacre Amulet” from the podcast; simpler, more professional (I think); I’ve learned a lot of things as time went on.

Though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; thank you so much for staying with us so far, and I hope you will continue to go on this journey with us.  I have so much great content and story planned for 2017.  Who is the Black King, and what is his plan?  What about this “Molten King” that we’ve been receiving hints about?  What exactly happened between Talia and her father, and is there more to Leander than he’s let slip?  Will Eva ever learn how to use a napkin?  Will I ever get off my ass and finish the map of Aerlon?  Lots of questions.  Stay with us, and I promise you’ll get answers.

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