So begins the legend of the Nacre Amulet.  Our heroes, monster hunters and slayers of evil, have begun their journey in the mid-west of Aerlon.  Hearing rumors of a monster slaying contract near the Ghost Woods, the four are journeying east to the logging settlement of Farewyr.


Camden Ironhands – Orphaned as a child, the human Camden entered the service of the Institute of the Mind, one of three blood hunter orders on Aerlon.  Now old enough to take his own contracts, Camden is never seen without wearing his empowered gauntlets.  Camden is played by James.

Leander – A high-elf cleric of the mysterious Amûn (exarch of the Raven Queen), Leander now works for the Institute of the Mind.  Today he is seeking to destroy the very evil he once called “ally.”  Leander is played by Lowell.

Talia Hawklight – A half-elf ranger, Talia has “suffered” from visions and premonitions for most of her life.  After foreseeing the death and destruction of her home village she fled, living a life of solitude as a bounty hunter.  In recent years she has raised and grown close to a gray wolf named Nova.  Talia is played by Victoria.

Evathon Dala – The wood-elf Evathon secluded herself from even the nature-friendly society of the elves, preferring the quiet and solitude of the deep woods.  Growing apart from other people for so long has left her understanding little of basic courtesy and etiquette, though she has managed to create a close friendship with at least one individual, the ranger Talia.  Evathon is played by Jenn.

Nacre Amulet Party



Music and sound effects used in this work are licensed through Premiere Beat and Plate Mail Games.

Creative Commons License
Legends of Aeramis: The Nacre Amulet by Jeff Venancio is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


    • Apple has just sent me an email confirming that my podcast has been accepted into the iTunes Store. Once it’s available there (which may even be now; feel free to search for it in the iTunes Store) you can subscribe to it there. Until then (and in addition, of course) this blog will update with every episode as well.

      Thank you for your interest! I hope you enjoy it in the months to come. 🙂


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